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The Historic Town of Hanover, Virginia

The Hanover County town of Hanover, Virginia is what many people might consider a sleepy little place. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have its charm – the historic Hanover Courthouse, for example, has been in use since 1822 and serves as an important reminder of Hanover’s rich history. You’ll also find sites such as the Hanover House Museum and Hanover Hall Plantation on your visit to this quaint community. There are plenty of homes here with fascinating histories too! Further facts about Glen Allen, VA can be found here.

Hanover, Virginia is a wonderful place to kick back and relax for the day. Hanover, Virginia has plenty of opportunities for fishing, camping, and hunting too – so don’t be afraid to explore Hanover County! Information About Gilman, Virginia can be found here.

Hanover is a small town nestled in the Hanover County of Virginia. Hanover’s history dates back to 1714 when Hanover, Virginia was founded by European immigrants coming into America and settling here. Hanover, Virginia has been historically known for its tobacco production during colonial times; now we know it as an antique mecca that still retains much of its original 18th-century character with quaint brick buildings lining Hanovers Main Street.

There are plenty of things to see and do while visiting Hanover, Virginia you can explore through old homes or spend your time on one of three beautiful lakes nearby: Smith Lake, Powell Lake, or James River – all just 20 minutes from downtown Hanover, Virginia! There’s something for everyone including scenic views, wildlife, fishing, swimming, and more. Hanover, Virginia has something for everyone!