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About Gilman, Virginia

Gilman, Virginia is a small town in Gilmer County with a population of 3,169. Gilman, Virginia was founded on October 10th, 1881 by the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad Company. Gilman’s first railroad depot is still standing today as well as Gilman’s historic train station which both serve as reminders of the town’s past. Visit this link for more information.

Gilman, Virginia was founded around 1856 by James Gilman and his wife Ruth as a Quaker settlement. The business district of Downtown Gilman, Virginia still stands today on Route 220 which runs east to west across the county – from Keyser WV near the West Virginia border to its terminus at Interstate 68 (I-68) just south of Cumberland MD. Located at an elevation of 1187 feet, Gilman has been home for over 125 years now to people who cherish peace, tranquility, and natural beauty. In 1889 the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad reached Gilman, Virginia and the town grew to accommodate the railroad. The Gilman Railway Station was built in 1902, with a two-story stone building that still stands today at 108 West Main Street. Gilman, Virginia was named after Gilman W. Price, a B&O railroad engineer who later became president of the Norfolk Southern Railway from 1901 to 1903. Read about Dumbarton, Virginia: The small town with a big heart here.