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Fun Things to Do in Mechanicsville, Virginia

Mechanicsville, Virginia is a quaint little town nestled near the James River. Mechanicsville, Virginia has so much to offer visitors and locals alike. It is home to many historic sites, museums, parks, and more! Here are just a few of the fun things you can do in Mechanicsville, Virginia: More can be found here.

  • Visit the Mechanicsville Hotel Museum: This museum offers guests a glimpse of what life was like for Mechanicsville residents in the early 1900s. Guests are invited to tour rooms, visit displays and see exhibits that highlight Mechanicsville’s past. Learn more about The Historic Town of Hanover, Virginia.

  • Explore Fisherman’s Park: Located on Riverside Drive this beautiful park features benches, a gazebo, lovely gardens, and an attractive fountain.
  • Watch the Mechanicsville Fire Department: The Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Company has been in operation for over 100 years! Visitors are always welcome to watch their performances at Mechanicsville’s Annual Homecoming Parade on Saturday, September 12th starting at 11 am.
  • Visit the James River Museum of Transportation: This museum features more than 30 antique cars which have been meticulously restored. Guests can also take guided tours of this historic house built in 1816 that includes displays from different time periods.
  • Attending one of many annual events: Mechanicsville hosts its own fair every year (in October), as well as a parade filled with floats, marching bands, huge balloons, and more every year at Mechanicsville’s Annual Homecoming Parade on Saturday, September 12th starting at 11 am!
  • Visit the oldest art gallery in Richmond: The Mechanicsville Art League Gallery was founded in 1935 and is still going strong.
  • Explore Fort Lee Historic Park: Visitors can tour an 18th-century fort, explore a 19th-century village that includes buildings from that era, or enjoy walking trails with scenic views of the James River surrounding them as they go.

Mechanicsville, Virginia with many things to do you will not be bored when you visit this beautiful place.