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Poindexters, Virginia – A Relaxing and Beautiful Place

Poindexters, Virginia is the oldest established community of its kind on the Eastern seaboard. Founded in 1740, it’s located in the tiny hamlet of Poindexters on the banks of the James River, which forms the Virginia Beach section of Virginia. This lovely community was originally a stop on the American colonial journey, and today many people still frequent the town to enjoy its rich culture and historic ambiance. Visit this link for more information.

Poindexters, Virginia Beach features a charmingly laid-back atmosphere and lots of family attractions. There are plenty of beautiful old cottages and lovely beach houses for rent. There’s also the dear Virginia Zoo, which features several exotic mammals. Poindexters offers several options for amusement for those with kids, such as the Virginia Zoo Puppy Farm or the Virginia Zoo Classic Carousel. If you’re interested in history, you may consider visiting the Poindexters historical society, which features an interactive tour of the colony and other historical information. Read more about What You Should Know About Elmont, Virginia here.

Poindexters is a beautiful place to take the family, and it’s also perfect for a business retreat or corporate outing. The Virginia Beach area provides excellent transportation options to and from the town. Virginia Railway Express (VRE) trains in Virginia Station, Williamsburg, and Ocean View offer great comfortable ways to get around. Virginia Railway Express also provides excellent bus service to the area as well. However, if you prefer to ride in a car, there are plenty of great alternatives in Virginia.