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Learn More About Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen, Virginia

The Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen, Virginia, is perfect for anyone who wants to be a part of the revitalization efforts in the city. It offers free live entertainment and events throughout the year. The cultural arts center has been a catalyst in the growth and rejuvenation of the city of Glen Allen since its founding. The Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen, Virginia, is a living, breathing testament to the fact that Virginia is more than just a state. It is a living, breathing culture. “The Arts Center in Glen Allen is truly a jewel of a venue. The Center was designed and built with its intent to bring together the many facets of the arts in order to create one giant “art community” that would enhance the rich Virginia culture. The Arts Center in Glen Allen includes a vast array of exhibits, performances, workshops, educational activities, concerts, theatrical events, and other cultural events that take place almost weekly. Further facts about Glen Allen, VA can be found here.

The Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen provides residents and visitors to the area an unparalleled opportunity to experience the fine arts, entertain creative ideas, develop a fine new talent, and see first hand the wonderful treasures that this region has to offer,” says Dan Rubens, General Manager of The Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen, Virginia.  The success of The Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen is attributable not only to the wonderful staff and events that are organized here but also to the city itself. Glen Allen is a historic place with a unique history. I think of it as having been “pioneered,” a description that some people would give centuries ago, by pioneers who came to make their fortune, like the Pilgrims. The town is known for its natural beauty, which is evident in The Great Lady’s Fountain and the Sculpture Garden. This natural beauty has inspired many authors, artists, and writers who have decided to call Glen Allen home. Discover facts about The Crossings Golf Club in Glen Allen, Virginia – A Wonderful Place to Visit.

The artists/speakers at this center include many notable Virginia musicians and entertainers such as Jack White, Joe Bennett, Glen Allen Symphony Orchestra, The Touch, and many other live music acts. The musical acts range from chamber music to classical to bluegrass and many more. The cultural arts center also features an award-winning performing arts theater. The theater showcases unique artistic masterpieces of art and architecture from around the world. The audience gets a real sense of authenticity with these magnificent productions that take place nightly in the historic galleries. The musical theater program also includes top-rated shows that will enchant and captivate your entire family.