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Countertop Warranty

Countertop Warranty Statement

COUNTER-VATION, Inc. (C-V) warrants installation workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original installation date. Our workmanship standards are in accordance with NSI (National Stone Institute) standards. The warranty period begins once the install is complete. The warranty is given to the original homeowner and may be transferred by the original owner to any subsequent purchaser of the property. This warranty is strictly limited to contract work performed by COUNTER-VATION, Inc. If C-V finds, in our judgment, that the item or items requiring attention are covered by this Warranty, it will promptly proceed to repair due to workmanship. This Warranty shall be void and shall not apply to any materials which were originally installed by C-V, but which were subsequently repaired, adjusted, or modified by an individual or entity other than C-V. Replacements and/or repairs furnished under this Warranty shall not carry a new Warranty but shall carry only the unexpired portion of the original Warranty provided.


All stone is subject to a range of natural color variations and characteristics. Variances in the countertop’s natural characteristics, including but not limited to; veining, shading, tensile strength, surface pitting, inclusions, fill, surface graining, fissuring, and gloss/ polish levels. These characteristics are not considered defects, as they do not affect the workmanship of the product. Any or all of these characteristics may be present in the finished product. As such, naturally occurring characteristics are not covered by any warranty. It is common in the quarries, where slabs are processed by the slab manufacturer, to fill naturally occurring fissures with a clear or colored fill. (C-V does not complete this work. C-V is a stone fabricator only and does not process slabs.) Occasionally, pieces of crushed stone are added to the fill. The resin will have a different sheen, may be transparent, may not match the color of the stone and/or may have polishing marks in it that become more visible when the slab is laid horizontally and in natural light. Fill is essential in most exotic stones and is not a defect, and therefore not covered in this warranty. This warranty does not cover the cost of repairs or replacements undertaken prior to the customer’s receipt of a claim acknowledgment and verification from C-V. Repairs may only be made by C-V. Repairs done by anyone other than C-V will void all warranties. This warranty does not cover any expenses incurred during or associated with any warranty claim. It does not extend to cover associated expenses such as plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, flooring, walls or any other costs that may be incurred in the repair or replacement of an item covered by this warranty. This warranty will be considered null and void if surface staining or etching occurs as a result of improper care, such as leaving acidic or aggressive chemicals or any liquid in contact with the material for any period of time. Surface chipping and scratching caused by negligence and abuse or failure by the customer to exercise care in using the product are not covered under this warranty. C-V determines the location of all seams based on project specifics. This warranty does not cover the quantity or placement of seams, the size of the seam or the materials used to fill the seam. You will see and feel your seam, and as such, will not be considered a defect in regard to material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage, in whole or in part, caused by vandalism, impact, stress or load placed on the stone, fire, natural disasters and/occurrences, or any other extraordinary circumstances not related to the workmanship provided by C-V. Any damage resulting after proper installation of an acceptable product will be assumed to have occurred through no fault of C-V and any resulting charges will be the responsibility of the builder, contractor or homeowner. Submit any warranty requests by calling COUNTER-VATION at: 804-496-6863 or email [email protected]