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Atlee, Virginia: Relaxing Holiday Destination

Atlee is a small town in Virginia, with a population of around 300 people. Atlee, Virginia is home to many historic landmarks and has the perfect setting for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday destination that offers it all. From golfing to water sports, Atlee, Virginia has plenty on offer for everyone! Learn information about Glen Allen, VA here.

In Atlee, Virginia you’ll find plenty of things to do and see. For example, the Atlee Festival celebrates the town’s heritage with a parade that winds through downtown Atlee, Virginia, and features both marching bands as well as classic cars from earlier eras. This festival is held in conjunction with Atlee’s annual Labor Day celebration which includes an apple pie baking contest for all ages! Discover facts about Ashland, Virginia: A Place Where Nature Lives.

The nearby Appalachian Trail connects over 2000 miles of forests across 14 states including Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. You can hike it or camp along its route for days at a time if you like – it has waterfalls; weathered rock formations; dense mountain laurel thickets; highland meadows filled with wildflowers such as trillium and trout lilies; deep, silent woods; and wide-open mountain views. Atlee, Virginia is also home to the largest vernal pool in Virginia which attracts a variety of waterfowl including migrating trumpeter swans each winter.