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Ashland, Virginia – A Town in Virginia’s Hanover County

Ashland, Virginia is a small city in Hanover County, Virginia, right down the road from Richmond. It is named after Gen. George Washington laid out his plans for a military fort at the site where the Potomac River flows. Ashland is the home of the Dulles Airport, one of three airports in the area. The city is about an hour and a half drive north of Washington, D.C., and about two hours east of Richmond. Ashland is about a half-hour to two hours away from the capital of Virginia. Learn information about Glen Allen, VA.

Ashland is the Dulles International Airport home, a major international airport that services several different cities across the country. It has a total population of about seven thousand people, including a mixture of tourists, seasonal workers, and seasonal residents. Ashland has eleven downtown buildings: a movie theater, a courthouse, a library, a fire station, a police department, and a firehouse. There are also a couple of schools in Ashland, one public elementary school, one community school, and one private school. Discover facts about Ashcake, Virginia – A Place That Has All Your Needs.

The closest large town to Ashland, Virginia, is Hanover, approximately half an hour’s drive away. Ashburn is about three hundred thousand feet above sea level and is near a central rail and water crossing. Virginia Railway Express (VRE) trains can be heard coming by at all times, and the Virginia Railway Bridge is the same as the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Bridge. Ashburn is also the Ashland County Information Bureau headquarters, which maintains a catalog of local resources.