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A Guide: Glen Allen – Henrico County Public Library in Glen Allen, VA

Glen Allen – Henrico County Public Library is situated on the southern end of Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley. For generations, this area has served as a major rail and mining thoroughfare, but now it is a place where families gather for outdoor pursuits, great food, and friendly people. This is a wonderful place for anyone who wants to experience the charm, history, and outdoors of this lovely region. The Glen Allen – Henrico County Public Library features many features and activities to keep everyone entertained and busy while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. See more here.

This library offers two fine libraries, with more than four hundred thousand books and records for both children and adults, two fine music libraries, a museum, interactive learning games, a gift shop, a cafe, and many other community features. It also has numerous community activities such as horseback riding, hiking, chess, billiards, a fire pit, and a picnic table. The library also offers a childcare center where you can drop off your child for an hour and then join the activities or go on educational activities. Your children will enjoy visiting the many children’s programs and guest speaker events held throughout the year. See here for information about Enjoy Your Holiday at General Sheppard Crump Memorial Park in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Your child will love visiting this community public library and will leave feeling energized and stimulated. Families will enjoy talking with their neighbors over a cup of coffee, playing miniature golf, enjoying a bike ride around the lake, or visiting a tea shop on their way home from work. There are so many positive aspects of this community that make it such a wonderful destination for education, literature, and socializing. Families will enjoy spending time at their favorite craft shop while their young ones get a taste of fine art. Glen Allen – Henrico County Public Library has so much to offer that you’ll come back often and even consider making a monthly trip to this exciting place!